97 Martin Street Plains, Pa 18705

If you are interested in joining the Hudson Model Railroad Club, you can visit us on Wednesday nights after 6PM. The application is available for download by clicking below. You can complete it and bring it in or email it to, please note that your probationary period will not begin until the first Wednesday of the month following the receipt of your initiation fee and the completion of the application. We also have applications available at the club for your convenience. 

Thank you for your interest in the Hudson Model Railroad Club (HMRRC). It’s a great hobby and we are pleased you have decided to consider joining our club. The HMRRC is open every Wednesday Night at 6:00 PM. Club Meetings are on the first Wednesday of each month and begins at 7:30 PM. Layout work is done every third Wednesday of each month. 

The HMRRC offers three types of active memberships: Full – Associate – Junior.

Full:Full members have voting rights, can hold executive office and receive a key to the building.

Associate:Associate members cannot hold executive office, do not have a key to the building and do not have voting rights.

Junior: Junior members are between 12 and 18 years of age. Upon reaching age 18 they are
eligible to become Full members. Junior members must always be accompanied by a Full member whenever they are present in the building. They do not have voting rights nor can they hold executive office. A Full member must sponsor a Junior member.

Probation: Prior to becoming a Full member there is a period of Probation. This is, at a minimum, a six (6) month period during which you get a chance to decide if Full membership is the right step for you. The Club will also be able to determine if you are a good fit for membership (Prompt and regular payment of dues and active participation in Club monthly meetings). The Probationary period commences on the first Wednesday of the first month following the receipt of your Initiation fee ($25.00) and the completion of this application. Failure to make prompt and regular payment of dues is grounds for termination of the Probationary period and forfeiture of the Initiation fee.

Dues: Full membership dues is currently $18.00 per month. Associate and Junior dues are
currently $6.00 per month. Prompt and regular payment of dues is essential to the well-being of the club and is a serious consideration for Full membership.

​All Applications, regardless of status, must be accompanied by a $25 initiation fee.